The EX Analysis

"You burn ‘em swiftly and you give their ashes to Poseidon"

I’m tired of people telling me things like “you should talk about it”, “it’s okay to trash talk your exes”, “get your feelings out there”, or the classic “maybe you two can be friends when she comes back”. I don’t deal with exes. I don’t trash talk them but I also don’t hang out with them. They are part of the past.

"Possible sex is the only reason people stay ‘friends’ with their exes."

Exactly! And I’m a big fan of sex but I have a few problems with this quote when it comes to my ex: Since I’ve finally reached to the point where I don’t want to put an “s” in the “ex” anymore things have gotten so much clearer on my mind. That relationship gave me a major degree in masochism, I’m done with hurting/mentally berating myself. Also… our sex life in the last year of our relationship was a joke! It is amazing to feel wanted, desired, to feel someone else’s body tingle with your touch, ya know… and I’m feeling it right now with girls I don’t even like that much. So u can see my point here, folks.

I have no good adjectives to describe my ex right now unless u count egoistic self-involved bitch and she run over my feelings with a garbage truck ya’ all… so… I’ll be glad when she becomes just a blurred picture on my mind. I don’t really need to talk about her or my feelings towards her If I do, then I hope this count as “talking about it”. I’m just living my life and I need to keep doing that… gotta leave the past in the past.

"When the past calls, let it go to voice mail. It has nothing new to say."

I’m done with this subject, I’m done with thinking about her, I’m done with her. I thought people would’ve understood it by now based on my reactions when they ask me about her…